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Can You Sell A House Remotely?

In the day of digital life, can you sell a house remotely and not be at the property?

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Can You Sell A House Remotely?

Whether it is possible to sell a house remotely is not a yes or no answer. It does depend on the circumstances as well as which route to market you take. Because selling a property is such a big asset, many people like to adopt a hands-on approach.

It’s not something that you want to get wrong due to the typical sums of money involved. If you are based abroad, trying to sell a property can become even more complicated.

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The Process Of Selling A Property
– Is It Possible To Do Remotely?

The first step in selling a property is deciding on how you want to sell. Do you want to go the traditional route and sell through an estate agent, or do you want to speed up the process and find a cash buyer? If you decide to sell a property through an estate agent, then it is very difficult to find the right agent if you are not based there.

There are also so many estate agents to choose from that even if you are around, it can be challenging to find the right one. And if it doesn’t work out with the agent, you may need to switch to another agent, and this is something that really needs your presence.

Once you find a buyer through an estate agent, then you need to find a set of solicitors, which may again need your presence. Generally speaking, a conveyancing solicitor is not hard to find, and each offers a very similar service. It’s just important to choose one that has a good customer service department so that you receive regular updates.

Once everything is in motion then most tasks can be done remotely but overall, selling a property through a traditional route is very hard to do if you need everything from start to finish to be done remotely.

Sell Your Home Fast.

How Else Can I Sell My Property Remotely?

The fastest way to sell a property is to find a cash buyer as this avoids delays with mortgage applications. Many estate agents do have cash buyers on their books, but this still requires following the standard process of finding an estate agent and being exposed to sales falling through. All of this is difficult to do remotely.

The other option is a property cash-buying company, such as Serene Sale which can simplify the process and guarantee that a sale will complete.  The biggest benefit is that everything can be done remotely.

Serene Sale follows a very simple process:

Each of the above steps can be done remotely and the need for an estate agent is completely avoided. Further to this, Serene Sale arranges solicitor introductions and covers all legal fees. Therefore, the full sale process from start to finish can be done remotely. The only thing that needs to be organized in person is access to the property, but keys can be posted to the surveyor so again, this can be done remotely. And it can all be done in less than a week.

Although Serene Sale buys properties at a discounted price, it is often surprising to hear that the amount of money you end up receiving is not that dissimilar to using an estate agent once all the costs are factored in and the time involved.

Even if your property is in poor condition, Serene Sale will buy any property in any condition and any location across the UK. So, if your property has fallen into disrepair whilst you are away, then do not worry – you will still receive a free valuation for your property and the service provided by Serene Sale still comes with the same guarantee. Once the final price is agreed upon after the free valuation, then Serene Sale guarantees that completion will take place promptly. Or at the speed at which you require.

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